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Nordic Christmassy 

Any Christmass enthusiasts here? Cuz for sure i am! I love the smell of december (cinnamon, pine cones, hot coffee, scented candles, list could go on forever)!!! Also, i am a huge fan of scandinavian/nordic/minimalist decorations! So how do i mix Christmass with Nordic, simple style? For most of the people this holiday is about… Continue reading Nordic Christmassy 

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Pregnant fashionista

Yea right! That is happening if you’re Blake Lively or Chrissy Teigen maybe! (FLAWLESS) The struggle is real ladies! I didn’t think too much about this before it happend to me..about 1-2 months ago my perfect and forever lasting pair of jeans didn’t fit me anymore! Disaster!!!  ….so i started doing this Yes, it… Continue reading Pregnant fashionista



Hello world! (If anyone will ever read this) I decided to create this blog as a need to keep my memories well stocked and organised. Time does fly by, and pregnancy might happen only once in a lifetime!!! ❤️ xoxo