stop the time

my baby is growing fast.please.don’t.

Last week we packed the “baby” parts of our pram, the “play matteess” and the tiny tiny tiny clothes, and took them to my dad’s(aka storage). This thing made me feel so sad, i have no ideea why, it just hit me. I have a son, a big boy that is ready to explore the world. Not a baby anymore, and “soon” he will move out and leave me 😦 ok i am beeing dramatic, he is only 7 months..but still.

How can my heart hold so much love?


3 thoughts on “stop the time

  1. I feel the same way! I think because they are changing so fast, before we can fully appreciate one moment, they’ve already moved onto the next! It’s hard to let go of something we are only just coming to terms with.

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  2. It may seem silly, but I allow myself a few tears and some time to reminisce as each stage passes. I think only another Mother will understand. I find letting this emotion out helps me move on to appreciate the next and/or current phase better.

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