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i hate my wedding 

Oh well.. to get married was my dream since forever (okay, maybe since i was 10).. i had it all planned.
We got married last year (city hall + church). I wanted city hall. They wanted church. Guess what we did! Yep that is corrrect! Church -without wedding dress, not so dreamy huh? So this year we only have to plan the party. “only”


Not to worry, they made me hate it;all of it!!! Weddings should be about having fun with old friends, a big big party for the bride & groom. No. It is about whatever you want, but not about the poor couple! 

Weddings are first of all about money, second about parents (imagine having 4 in-laws and only 1 parent of yours), and third…hmm let’s say about the guests!


easy peasy – i am a wildflower, a wierd soul and hopeless romantic, so obvss my style is RUSTIC CHIC

Guess what!!! Every person i know (those over 35) hate this style

-it looks cheap

-it is not luxurious

-where are the flowers

-who the hell decorates tables with ivy

-why the rope (oh dear Lord)


i like simple things. And this is a big flaw these days. I want my bouquet and reception to be decorated with ivy and baby’s breath

-what the fuck is that cheap flower

-people will say we are poor

-it must be something big and colored

-so…you want to expect your guests with leaves on the table?


This was the sad part. My mom died when i was 10, and it was just me, my younger(now teen) sister and my dad

You know those movies, the say yes to the dress moments? When you try the perfect one and your mom/sisters/bffs start to cry? 

Oh boy, where do i start? I have a son (7 months old). How was i supposed to go dress hunting? I only tried once – w my son and my husband, and they were too busy with something else to pay attention to I undressed and got home. Decided to have a custom-made dress, my style. Perfect. You will see. 

-what if you don’t look good

-too sexy

-too serious

-too beige/pink/peach

-too bridal

-what if won’t fit


I (the naive) tought this was the easy part. We chose one of the best restaurants in the city, amazing food (not cheap at all)

-it looks bad

-it looks good but i dunno

-we need expensive drinks

-guests don’t want fancy food

-guests do want fancy food


To band or not to band? Not much to think about, we can’t afford. So we got a DJ. The best in town.

-is he good

-what music does he have

-what if people don’t like him

-he is too young

-he is too old


It is THE BEST IN TOWN, up on the hill, in a great orchard, all green – with full city view, huge windows, big terrace, lots of parking space

-too far

-too close

-too fancy

-not to fancy

-curtains are too beige

-terrace is too cool


The only thing on this list that matters. My man, my friend, my husband. 
Meanwhile, one month till the big day. I can not wait for that day to pass. I hate every moment when we talk about the wedding. How the hell is that supposed to be the best day of my life?
PS 1. Please! Am i the only one who hates her wedding?

PS 2. Can we cancel the wedding and move to Iceland?


2 thoughts on “i hate my wedding 

  1. I love your honesty! I laughed through this whole read because we went through the same crap with our wedding! My only consolation was that we only had to do it once! To this day there’s a few family members who pushed us so hard, our wedding is a sore topic with them. I wish they could see how much they hurt us at a time when they should have been helping us. I hope it is much better for you!


    1. I kind of feel good to know it’s not just happening to me! Were you “nice” to them, or you were “my way or the high way”? I’m always such a nice person and maybe i shouldn’t! You are right, it is sad that people who are supposed to be close and involved just ruin the whole thing!


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