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How to – minimalism

I’ve always dreamed about decorating my own home, it’s just an a-m-a-z-i-n-g feeling; pintersting, shopping, decorating! Every girl’s dream! (i guess so)

My style (and my husband’s) is for sure and for life:


If you are lucky enough to start with a “white canvas” like we did, it is easy! At least easier than to change floors, wallpapers, doors and co. Also, good taste and simplicity do not need lots and lots of money. We are not super-rich people but with time, good research and inspiration you can do great things with a budget!

Here are a few tips i learned:


-white walls 

-wooden floors

-white doors

-white/gray curtains

If you keep the basics in a neutral color, it is way easier to add colors in furniture/decorations/plants and anything you want actually


“Cool or blue grays tend to have a very crisp, almost icy look to them. They are wonderful with bright whites in formal rooms and with blues and beiges. You can treat them almost like a light blue. Warm or yellow grays are complemented by creamy whites and warm colors like yellows, pinks and natural woods.”


If you don’t have a 100m or bigger apartment or house, you should care about how much furniture you add to every room..and is it necessary? Are you sure? Try to buy the minimum needed, it makes the room brighter and bigger. For example, our kitchen is pretty small so we decided to add the dining table in the living room, to save some space in the kitchen. Have you ever considered a round table? It is an amazing choice for a small apartament(and a small fam ofcourse)

How many things do you need for sleep?


Not to much, just a hint to make the house more of a home, cozy, warm and i never want to live my home feeling


I do know how tempting that is!! But trust me too many decorations can totally ruin the nordic style! Keep it low! 

3,2,1 go shopping!!! 


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