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I am a mom! And a lover!?

I could say 99% precent of new parents (moms and dads) DO NOT CARE about sex, in the first weeks after baby. You are exhausted, dirty, and stressed out! 

After giving birth, my Jimmy Choo perfume turned into milky-puke, my hair is ALWAYS in a pony tail(i might get bald one day because of this 😂), my boobs are huge and numb and leak all the time (- who else dreams about having tiny boobies again after breastfeeding?) , i can barely find the time to eat/shower/go outside because this 3 things keep me sane! 

In case i should mention, i adore my baby boy and it is the best thing i have ever done in my life, but this is about the woman that hides deep down into motherhood.

I have the best husband in the world and he is so good at this “parenting thing”..but from time to time we wish to be again husband and wife, not just mom and dad.

BUT HOW? How do you keep the romance going? Just the other day we tried to have sex and got interrupted about 5 times..(that sucks big time!!) we think our baby has a “radar” for love time haha

So, you can’t do it without a pause at least to check the baby, it is a huge deal if both of you had time to shower that day..boy it is not easy!!

On top of must be super woman to feel sexy and ready for action at any time! The truth is sex after pregnancy hurts as hell, i feel like a virgin each time (for now, i do know things get better), after natural birth your hoo-ha might be damaged..and after c-section your belly will be numb and with a pretty scar there, any way it is not easy! 

But ladies, let’s make an effort from time to time and remember we are more than moms. For us, for them, for the sake of our marriage! 

Any tips and tricks from those of you who’ve been here before?

Forgot 2 things that don’t help:

1.THE strechmarks (i still try to get used to them)

2.the urge of taking a nap when baby sleeps…(instead of sexy time)


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