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Life with a newborn

New year, new me, new life, blabla! New life indeed! 

My precious bundle of joy was born in the last days of 2016, and we got his tiny ass at home in the first day of the new year. Good start! Then reality kicked in…

Okay so i admit i was expecting hell on earth, as so many “well intended” persons have told me. You can’t make it on your own, you need help ( help like 37 grandmothers, 12 nannys and 30 maids) 

Well guess what, we survived! It’s been 2 weeks already and we still breathing. God knows it’s not easy. It’s nothing but easy. But the baby only needs mom and dad, and mom and dad need each other. That’s how it works! I was lucky, hubby was able to take a month off work, just to help me with the baby, and bond, snuggle and cuddle (when the baby is in the mood haha 🙂 ) The day time is easy peasy, but when the night comes..oohh boy!!

I delivered via c-section and that is not easy when you have to wake up 5 times a night, but with great help from my man i am almost healed now. His needs are basic, 

  • LOVE
  • milk
  • diaper change
  • sleep
  • LOVE
  • sleep

and that would be all for now! It sounds easy but our bigger problem in the lack of sleep! How do you super mamas out there make it work? Just how? How does a single mom make it? Any tips and tricks on instant energy boost? We nap when baby naps, that is all over Pinterest, but come ooon..we do laundry everyday, we have to eat, shower, take care of our basic needs too! 

After 2 weeks of getting to know each other, i can say i am pretty happy with how things work with my son, i love him more than anything on this planet and when he looks into my eyes my heart melts.❤ Another thing that worked out after these 2 weeks is breasfeeding! Me and baby kind of figured out on our own, we learned from each other and made it work! Even if i delivered in a private hospital (fancy hotel look a like) it was new year’s eve and the nurses were feeling festive so they were not too involved; nobody stood with me to show me how it’s done and tell me some tips, they just told “: “okay you attach the baby to the nipple, one meal boob 1, next meal boob 2, don’t let him destroy your nipple, use lanolin, always switch boobs”

So we got home and it worked but it hurt so baaaad (i was about to cry when baby was eating), my husband was running from store to store to buy nipple shields (never was able to use them), breast pump Medela (yes, it saved my life, my nipples, and my breastmilk production). Now we don’t use anything because it doesn’t hurt anymore, only love and cuddles after every meal. AND Medela Purelan (lanolin – instant magic for the nipples) 

So i guess this is it for now, i would love to re-read this post one year from now and laugh at how things changed! 

Oh, ooh, did i mention he HATES bath time, and starts to cry like it’s the end of the world, and daddy starts to feel nervous and wants to stop the bath and save the baby? And mommy laughs? Yep, hope he will get used to it!

Still waiting on those tips and tricks with energy/sleep/magic pills!! xoxo


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