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Nordic Christmassy 

Any Christmass enthusiasts here? Cuz for sure i am! I love the smell of december (cinnamon, pine cones, hot coffee, scented candles, list could go on forever)!!!

Also, i am a huge fan of scandinavian/nordic/minimalist decorations! So how do i mix Christmass with Nordic, simple style? For most of the people this holiday is about BIG STYLE DECORATIONS, more, a lot, even more! 

  • Christmass tree

We love a perfect tree, but we also love the nature so we decided not to buy any trees that have been cut from their home, and throw it to trash after 2 weeks, why do people keep doing that? It takes so many years to grow a tree..this makes me sad! So we bought a tiny one, ALIVE and in a bucket so we can plant it after! Decorating the tree is about less is more  in this house! So just a few blue-ish globes, some tiny tiny hand made wood decorations, and no other thing hanging from the tree!

Easy peasy! 

  • Table deco

I’ve seen thousands of pinterest pics with wooden trays to set on the table, decorated in the same christmassy spirit! But..kind of hard to find that perfect tray, so i decided to make it from the scratch! 

DIY decorative wood tray

  1. wood tray (improvise, shop in your own home, don’t need to spend $) i found mine while decorating the tree, it had the decorations in it! Perfect match! 
  2. 3-4-5-6 as much as you want, SCENTED CANDLES, for the best effect try to find them in different size/shape/same color
  3. Some pine cones (free!!!)
  4. Glittery stuff/whatever you can find in you Christmass decorations stock
  5. at least 1 pine branch (smeeell & color pop)

What i ended up with:

Wish you all a Merry Christmass and happy holidays! May the hot coffee be with you! Xoxo


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