Maternity bag

BIG DEAL for me! I know it sounds stupid but i want to feel good and have all that i need. I’ve been eating Pinterest/Blogs for breakfast/lunch/dinner in search for the perfect maternity bag, adapted to 2016, c-section, private hospital, EU(best things on Pinterest happen in US and things are slightly different!) 

My pregnancy is going well, i am 31 weeks today and will deliver at 39 if things go well. Plenty of time. But i want, NEED to be prepared! 

After doing all the research in the world, here is my list: 


  • ID (mom&dad)
  • Medical records/pregnancy tracking
  • Insurance card/forms
  • Wedding certificate (to register the baby)

Mommy’s bag 

    • nursing gown/pijama (provided by the hospital)
    • fluffy n cozy bathrobe (provided by the hospital)
    • slippers (provided by the hospital)
    • towels (provided by the hospital)
    • essentials – pads, disposable panties, shower gel, shampoo, etc. (provided by the hospital)
    • toiletres – tooth brush, face/body lotion, wet wipes, hair brush, hair ties, lanolin creme for the nipples, breast pads, make-up bag(?), chapstick
    • going home outfit (comfy is the key here, what does FASHION mean?) 
    • granny underwear
    • socks
    • nursing bra
    • pregnancy pillow (my fav item right now)
    • phone charger
    • medicines if taken

    Munchkin’s bag

    • clothes, diapers, cream, washing lotion (provided by the hospital)
    • going home outfit
    • blankie
    • car seat 

    What did you pack, mama? I’m a first time mom and i might be wrong, i just tried to keep it minimal and not “move” to the hospital! Am i forgetin anything?


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