You are beautiful!

Yes! I keep repeating this in my head, 1000 times a day! Sure, every human beeing is beautiful, each in their own way! How about prego girls out there? 100% glowing!! 

But me? Not so much glitter right now! I was pretty confident about my looks before the baby, i still try to be!! Daaamn it is hard!!! 

From awesome boobs to..awkward looking boobies! 

From flat sexy a lil soccer ball (filled with love), i am 26 weeks and can’t shave my legs anymore, how hot is that?? I could live with the baby bigger problem is the belly button, oh so attractive (jk) ❤️

From OK-ish skin…to disaster! My face looks like a big volcano! New day, new pimple! And they are here to stay! ☹️ 

I think this are the major changes in my body..couple months left to get back to normal! Sure i do complain everyday, but i wouldn’t change this for anything and this baby is the best thing i ever did in my life! How do you deal with all this “pregnancy glow”? Thank god it’s temporary! IS IT???


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