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Yea right! That is happening if you’re Blake Lively or Chrissy Teigen maybe! (FLAWLESS)

The struggle is real ladies! I didn’t think too much about this before it happend to me..about 1-2 months ago my perfect and forever lasting pair of jeans didn’t fit me anymore! Disaster!!! 

….so i started doing this

Yes, it works for a while..but it gets annoying as hell! It’s not stable, it shows throw t-shirts and for sure ain’t comfy! 

That was the moment when i decided i needed those perfect ugly maternity jeans! If you live in the US you might have a good chance to find some! If you live in EU like me, nope gurl..nope! I only found 2 shops that have maternity wear in my city! 2!! (Online shopping does not apply when you really need to try them on) So i went to the worldwideknown H&M, there where about 7-8 pairs of jeans. Ugly jeans. I found the ones that i could live with..oh maaan it was comfy not to squeeeze my poor baby! Sure they are not perfectly sized and all that, but it works! One more problem..very expensive, more than a non-maternity pair of jeans..but you need them so what can you do? 

Here are my nice-ugly jeans:

To be pregnant AND to look good is a real challange! All i wanna do is stay in bed in my pijamas and read-sleep-eat! But when you do have to go outside..what the heck? Fashion? Sexy? Style??? 

For sure i am not gonna buy another pair of expensive jeans for only 4 months left! So i got my yoga pants, my sweatpants, and some in between those two-pants! I started pinterst-ing outfits to match what i have and make me look decent at least! 

My favs 

source: Pinterest 

(P.S: still workin on adding Pinterest to my blog)

How about you? How did you make it work, sexy mama? ❤️


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