life at 5 months prego

…for sure ain’t easy! I’ve dreamed about becoming a mom all my life! But never ever could i imagine that pregnancy might be so hard! Let’s face it, it is! The first 3-4 months were pure hell, puke and nausea all day everyday; the only time i was feeling good was when i got to see my lil munchkin! Now at 20 weeks i can say it’s gettin better! Baby bump starts to show pretty good, found out that i’m about to have a lil healthy boy, i don’t feel sick on a daily’s good haha (not very good at night)!

I don’t go to work anymore and that has a huge impact on my mind and body, corporate life was hell to me! Reading, chilling and relaxing doing nothing is awesome!! 

Symphtoms i got:

  • Back pain, all sort of
  • Migraines
  • Non-stop need to pee
  • Stuffed nose

Let’s see how baby is at 5 months:

Belgian endive sized baby haha

A white, creamy substance called vernix caseosa protects the skin from its aqueous environment. Sweat glands form. Length: about 10 inches; weight: 9 ounces. Fetus fact: Starting now, immunities are being transferred from you to the fetus.



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